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Our Branch has one of the largest memberships (200) in the south and is located in the historic port town of Poole.  Its membership has a strong leaning toward the Landing Craft (LC) and Driver (D) Specialist Qualification (SQ) reflecting the history of Royal Marines Poole, being the Corps Amphibious Training Unit and Technical Training School. 


Other SQ's are represented in the membership and all of the Royal Marine’s family are welcome.

The Poole and District Branch of the Royal Marines Association

Gatherings are held on the 3rd  Thursday of each month from 1900hrs -


What We Do!

We support the RMA-TRMC and the Royal Marines Family



We support our veteran members and there families through our Royal Marine Association Support Volunteers (RMASV) who are trained to provide both practical help and emotional support to the RM veteran community.




If know of an oppo who has crossed the bar and have the families consent emailing an obituary to

For those who have served as a Royal Marine or Royal Marines Reservist to full service or received a campaign medal, they may be eligible to have a serving Royal Marine Bugler attend their funeral service.


Esprit de Corps

"Once a Royal Marine Always a Royal Marine"

Join in with supporting the aims of the RMA-TRMC - #RMFamily in fundraising, celebration, and providing lifelong support to all Royal Marine Commandos and those who have earned the right to wear the green beret.

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