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  • What is a Private Status
    A Private Status, If your profile is private it is hidden from all members within the members' area and your profile does not appear on the member's page. Nobody else, including other members, can see each other's private pages. By default, all members are private. To change the status go to My Account > Notifications > Settings pages are where you can manage your profile and update your personal details.
  • What is a Public Status
    A Public Profile is where you are visible to all other members of the RMA-PDB website within the secure members' area. You are not public to the entire internet. Going public means that other members can chat with you by email or by text and view your profile To change the status to private go to My Account > Notifications > Settings pages are where you can manage your profile and update your personal details.
  • Members FAQs Overview
    These Q&As are for P&D Branch Members and relate to the functions of the membership site, including how to gain access and methods of communication with others through the chat function, individually, as a group, or with the committee. If you need assistance or would like to know more about using our web pages contact the Web Manager David Sippitt through the chat function or via email at Over time we will endeavour to improve the content and functionality of these FAQs so they should be your first point of call for information. You can also use the search function 🔎 to find an answer.
  • Members Chat
    Members Chat is an additional feature that allows logged-in site members to chat with each other in addition to chatting with the website admin. This has been enabled, for members to establish private chats as well as create group chats.
  • Members Signup and Login
    The login bar The Login Bar appears in your site's header, Members can use it to sign up and log in and out of the site. Signup and login forms There are 2 types of forms in your Member's Area – one for new members signing up, and one for existing members to log in. Note: Only members of the RMA-TRMC can become members of the RMA-PDB website. Membership will be confirmed by the Membership Rep before access is granted. Membership of the RMA-TRMC can be obtained by visiting Signup form: This form is displayed when a site visitor wants to sign up to become a member. You can only use this link if you are historical member of the P&DB and your email is held on record for the receipt of news branch letters. Step 1: Enter the email we have or record (if you can not remember your email contact us through the contact page ) Step 2: Enter a password of your choice, this password is encrypted and not visible to the website management team. Step 3: The Membership Representative will confirm the record and grant access to the members area, each step will be confirmed by email. New Members: If you are new to the P&DB please complete the linked contact form and be sure to include your RMA-TRMC membership number. Login form: This form is displayed when an attempt is made to access any page within the members area. Wix Spaces App - When access is granted you will also be offer the opportunity to download the Wix Spaces App which allows you to access your members area from your mobile device for direct access to the members area. A link to this App is always available on the members-area Page
  • Creating and managing Group Chats
    Members chat gives you the ability to create group chats. Group chats where Members can create group chats to interact with each other. To create a group chat: Log in to your live site's Members Area. Click the chatbox at the bottom corner. Click + New Chat. Click New Group Chat. Add members to your group by clicking their names. When your list is ready, click Next. Enter a name for your group. (Optional) Click the camera icon to select a group image. Click Create. 9. (Optional) Click the More Actions icon to manage your group chat settings or participants:
  • Full Membership Explained:
    Full Membership: Full Membership shall be granted to Royal Marines and to all members, or former members, of the Armed Forces and Foreign Armed Forces who have occupied Line Numbers on the Scheme of Complement of a Royal Marines Unit. Full Members have full voting rights at all RMA members meetings and Branch meetings. Existing Life Members of the RMA (old company) shall be considered as Full Members with the Full Member voting rights. Full members are entitled to attend meetings of another Branch of which they have not been formally admitted as a member but shall not be entitled to vote at that meeting.
  • The Objects of the Charity
    The Objects of the Charity are: To maintain and increase the efficiency of the Royal Marines, and to promote and preserve the esprit de corps, ethos and traditions of the Corps; To assist or benefit persons serving in or who have served in the Royal Marines or of such dependents, spouses, civil partners, widows, widowers, children (including adopted children) or immediate close family of such persons as may for the time being need charitable assistance or benefit; To commemorate and remember those members of the Royal Marines who have lost their lives or suffered injury, or put themselves at risk of loss of life or injury, in service of the Crown and to encourage public recognition of their service and sacrifice; To support the Royal Marines, the Royal Marines Cadets, the Royal Marines Cadet Section of the Sea Cadet Corps, the Royal Marines Cadet Section of the Combined Cadet Force, the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps by any other charitable means as the Trustees shall from time-to-time permit.
  • Associate Membership Explained:
    Associate Membership: Associate Membership may be granted to: Former Royal Marines Cadets once they reach the age of eighteen; Cadet Force Adult Volunteers; Members or former members of the Armed Forces who have served with a Royal Marines Formation, Establishment or Unit, but not on the Scheme of Complement; Members or former members of any foreign Marine Corps or equivalent such as USMC, RNLMC, Fusiliers Marins; Members or former members of foreign armed forces who have served with a Royal Marines Formation, Establishment or Unit; Members or former members of Police Forces who have special connections to the Royal Marines, such as the Police Service of Northern Ireland; Serving or former members of the Royal Navy; and Family members of Royal Marines and Royal Naval Personnel. For voting rights: see RMA Bye-Laws Associate members are entitled to attend meetings of another Branch of which they have not been formally admitted as a member but shall not be entitled to vote at that meeting.
  • RMA_TRMC Q&A Overview
    These Q&A's are extracts taken from the Royal Marines Association – The Royal Marines Charity Bye-Laws, dated 19 Oct 2021. A copy of which can be reviewed Here with the Articles of Association.
  • Applications for RMA Membership
    Applications for RMA Membership. Applications to become an RMA member shall be made through the Charity’s website (https://rma . Applications may also be made to the Central Office on the hard copy form that can be supplied on request, although this process will be more costly and labour-intensive - use of the website is strongly encouraged. Those under the age of 18 may not join the RMA unless they are currently serving. An applicant shall not be deemed to have become an RMA member or a member of a Branch until membership of the HQ Roll has been confirmed in writing or by email by the Charity to the applicant. Each RMA member will be issued with a renewable photo membership card that will be renewed every 10 years.Categories of RMA Membership Applicants who meet the membership requirements but who are unable to or choose not to join a Branch, shall remain on the RMA-TRMC HQ Roll. There shall be the following classes of RMA membership: Full Member Associate Member Honorary Member Supporting Member. For the avoidance of doubt, all RMA members shall have the rights and obligations as set out in the charities Bye-laws. RMA members are not statutory members of the Charity for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006.
  • Branch Finances
    Whilst there is no fee to become a member of the RMA, it is accepted that branches need to raise funds in order to conduct is activities. The primary means of raising such funds are: member donations to the branch and branch fundraising. Branch Donations: Branches are recommended not to use subscriptions as this exposes the Charity to a VAT risk (subscriptions are deemed to be subject to VAT if the Charity as a whole crosses the VAT threshold in any 12-month period). Branches can ask their members to make a voluntary donation to their branch in lieu of a subscription. However, voluntary donations cannot in any way be a requirement of branch membership. Central Office can advise branches on how branch members can make donations. Branch Fundraising: Branches may raise monetary funds in accordance with the Treasurers’ Handbook and the Fundraising Code of Practice. These funds shall not be used for any purpose other than those authorised by the Trustees in accordance with the Objects of the Charity. Funds raised from fundraising activities in the name of the Charity must be sent to the Charity in accordance with the Charity’s established financial policies and procedures notified to the Branches from time to time within the *Treasurers’ Handbook. *Membership Access Required
  • The RMA Mission
    The mission of the RMA is to enable Comradeship, Commemoration and Celebration within the Corps Family in order to maximise the engagement of its members and potential members so providing a life-time of assurance to the Corps Family, so becoming the instinctive first port of call for Corps Family activities and services.
  • What is the Royal Marines Association?
    The Royal Marines Association (RMA) is the Royal Marines Charity The Charity’s full name is "Royal Marines Association – The Royal Marines Charity". It will be known as "RMA – The Royal Marines Charity". This may be abbreviated to “RMA”. The RMA – TRMC is a charity registered in England and Wales 1134205 and Scotland SC048185 and is a charitable company limited by guarantee 07142012 registered with Companies House. Registered Office: Building 72, Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone, Exmouth EX8 5AR
  • Supporting Membership Explained:
    Supporting membership may be granted by Central Office to any individual who has demonstrated a willingness to support the ethos, values and standards of the Royal Marines, but who may not be otherwise eligible. Supporting membership must be sponsored by a Full member. Subject to Bye-Laws 8.3 Supporting members are not eligible to vote at meetings of RMA members or at Branch meetings and may not be appointed to any Branch Committee or Regional Committee without the approval of the Membership Committee.
  • Honorary Membership Explained:
    Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Membership Committee to anyone who is not, or who is ineligible to be, a Full Member or Associate Member but who is deemed worthy of this distinction. Special consideration should be given to people who have either given significant support to the Corps, the Charity or the Royal Marines Association (old company) prior to it being merged with the Charity or who are considered to be those who may provide such support in the future. For voting rights: see RMA Bye-Laws
  • Membership Costs
    Membership of the HQ Roll of the RMA is free, allowing access for all unconstrained by personal financial means, and in recognition of the service or support given to the Royal Marines.
  • Welfare
    The Poole & District Branch actively support the delivery of welfare and have a number of volunteers trained as Branch Welfare Officers known as "Royal Marines Support Network officers" (RMSNO). These volunteers are trained in many aspects of welfare and are supported by the charities Health & WellBeing team. If you require assistance follow this link to RMA-TRMC Requesting Help page. RMA – The Royal Marines Charity is here to support the entire Royal Marines Family – serving, retired and their dependants. No matter what stage of your career or life, you can always turn to us for help. Simply complete the form below or call us on 0800 468 1664. Our office hours are 08:30 – 16:00, Monday to Friday. If you are in a life-threatening situation, please immediately call 999 or go to your nearest Accident & Emergency Department. If need help outside of these hours, please contact Samaritans on 116 123 or Combat Stress on 0800 138 1619. ---- Note: The oversight and regulation of Branch welfare activities is managed by the Health & WellBeing Committee of the Charity and the Welfare Team in Central Office, who coordinate the activities of the Royal Marines Support Network officers.
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