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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Davy Jones's locker


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We are a bunch of like-minded veterans and merchant sailors who meet on the 4th Thursday of the month, mustering at 10:00 hours at the 1859 Pier Cafe & Bistro for tall tales and out-and-out lies.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

Davey Jones Locker was originally set up under the White Ensign, primarily for Royal Navy and Royal Marine veterans living on the Isle of Purbeck, we now welcome others from further afield in Dorset into the musterings.  Attendees are massing and we have between 7 and 15 with indications that our numbers will swell. 


We support and signpost local charity 

which some of our team help to run.

For information: email me @ 

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Subject: Davy Jones Locker - Thursday 23rd March

What Oh! Shipmates,


Right down to business, first, an important announcement!


Josie (a Jenny Wren) and me have finished with dithering around scratching our rear-ends and picking our noses, being ding-bats we suddenly realised that the Davy Jones Locker mustering’s clashed with the RMA Poole Branch monthly evening meeting, guess where, you’re right in Poole but your wouldn’t have expected that, would you!  


After a quick chat with a couple of important bods over in the RMA Poole Branch we decided a good option would be to change our gatherings to the 4th Thursday in the month.  So the next meeting for tall stories, criticism of all ranks of, and above Lance Corporals and out-and-out lies is on Thursday, 23rd March mustering at 10:30 hours dress – Jungle Warfare Kit


Yours, as always


Alexa Young, CA

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