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Suicide Awareness and Self-Help - Start the Conversation

Help for Heroes believes one life taken by suicide is one too many.

We can all make a difference. By having a conversation, reaching out and saying the word suicide, you could save a life. Research has shown that talking about suicide can reduce suicidal thoughts and lower the chance of someone acting on those feelings.

We’re changing the culture to create suicide safer communities for veterans in the UK, by arming people with the tools and confidence to get talking.

Course Overview

Developed through our Recovery College, our new course ‘Suicide Awareness and Self-Help - Start the Conversation’ is designed to help individuals gain the strategies and techniques to talk openly and confidently to someone who may be showing signs of suicidal thoughts or behaviours – or to upskill themselves in case they ever need to have this conversation in the future. There are two versions of the course – one for families and one for veterans. Topics will include: common mental health difficulties; signs and symptoms; self-care; language around suicide; how to have a conversation about suicide; safety planning; and sources of support.

Both courses will be delivered to small groups of 6-8 students over Microsoft Teams by our mental health team and a veteran or a family member with lived experience of suicide.

Families Course

Families are often a key part of a veteran’s support network. The families version of the course is for family ‘carers’, loved ones, spouses, partners and significant others who support veterans. Courses include a one-hour meet and greet session and three 4-hour modules over consecutive weeks.

Veterans Course

We know it’s often veterans who spot the signs first when another veteran is struggling. This course will equip veterans to be able to start the conversation about mental health with their peers.

Online Suicide Awareness Training. Hopefully you will never need to have this conversation, but if you did…would you know what to say?

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