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78 Anniversary - Operation Infatuate 'Walcheren Landings'

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Operation Infatuate, the codename for the invasion of the Dutch Island of Walcheren, was a major Combined Operation's amphibious landing against entrenched German defensive positions. The fortified island stood at the mouth of the River Scheldt blocking Allied access to the captured port of Antwerp some 60k inland.

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The three RM Commandos of 4th Special Service Brigade, along with the No.4 (Belgian) and No.5 (Norwegian) troops of No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando, commanded by Peter Laycock, landed at Westkapelle on the western side of the island. No.4 Commando, with Nos.1 and 8 (French) troops under command, crossed from Breskens and attacked Flushing. In support was 155 Infantry brigade. (wikipedia - Operation_Infatuate)

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01. Nov. 2022

This was a particularly nasty piece of war fighting in atrocious conditions against entrenched enemy fortifications.

Gefällt mir
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