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Drip Sesh

Launched today...

Your committee needs to be receptive to our membership and have therefore opened up a new way in which you can HAVE YOUR SAY.

In keeping with tradition and a sense of humor we have launched "Drip Sesh": As defined in Jack Speak a period organised so that complaints can be aired.

Within Drip Sesh, you may comment on all aspects of your branch, you can add suggestions for events or activities you would like to be included.  You can even give a chuckup if warranted.

This is a public notice board open to all members of our Branch website.  Comments uploaded will be read out at our member's meeting and if received in sufficient time will receive a reply from the Chairman or where applicable from the committee member best placed to answer the question.

You can still keep using the suggestion box on the bar during members' evenings for the same purpose.

So have your say.


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