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Graspan 2023

An early start but worth it, plenty of banter on the bus on the way up with Dinger spinning dits. We arrived in good time for meeting up with friends from other Branches in the early spring sunshine. The crowds were 3 deep in places gathering to watch and wonder what it was all about.

A quick photo of the members with the Graspanmemorial as the backdrop attracted some attention with the former Corps Drafting Officer Lt Col Andrew Ross RM just walking by totally oblivious to the fact that it was a Corps memorable date and that the Graspan Parade was about to take place. With him was a USMC 4* General who photobombed our gathering. I thought I would google him but then found out that there are '61' 4* USMC Generals so gave it a side right.

For those that have not been and wonder, what goes on. A small illustration of the parade and route.

The band as always were magnificent and if you have time, watch the full march below.

The reception at the UJC was well run and the food was of a high standard and plenty of it, so no issues there.

Guiniss was almost the order of the day... and, how civilized do we all look.

Until next year...


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May 17, 2023

Well done everyone.


Excellent day out as usual, we need more members next year, even if its only to buy me a wet!!

Well done Dave, good job leading the parade.


May 16, 2023

Good to know a good time was had, Graspan is generally a good day out and a chance to catch up with friends of yesteryear.

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