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Happy 358th Birthday

A big thank you to Clive Jennings for once again organising our Branch Dinner in celebration of the birth of His Majestys' Royal Marines of 28 Oct 1664 and to the merry band of supporters that helped to set up the venue on the day.

With over 100 members and guests attending the dinner at the Hamworthy Club on Friday 28th Oct it has been the most successful and well-attended dinner in recent memory.

We thank our serving members who chose to grace us with their attendance and we sincerely hope that they also enjoyed the evening as much as the members did.

We thank our honored guest Colonel Alistair Carns RM OBE MC MD for his appraisal of what our serving Royal Marines were engaged with and the changes to the commando training syllabus. It looks as though all those end-of-course feedback forms have finally made a difference, with drill being removed in favour of more night work and field exercises be careful what you wish for it may come

true. LOL.


At the outbreak of the Second Dutch War a special regiment of 1,200 infantrymen recruited from the Trained Bands of London was raised for service. Known for being famously loyal soldiers they were the Royal Navy's earliest form of raiding force and soon became known as the Admiral's Regiment.

We move to the future with King Charles III as Captain General.

God Save the King

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Well done Clive another lovely evening.


Well done Clive, good evening as usual, great to see so many there and enjoying themselves

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