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Happy Birthday Ron Moyse, 94

Royal Marines Association P&DB wished Ron a magnificent 94 Birthday this week as we remember the occasion of 1 year ago when Ron was surprised by Mess Beating’ performed in his honour by the Royal Marines Corps of Drums and a visit from two opos he fought alongside in the Korean War 72 years ago.

Above, Ron is flanked by Members of the PT Branch, Ray Gunning, Pete Brown, Gen Keeling RM, Phil Gilby and WO2 AIPT RM.


The Chosin Few

Ron Moyse, Jack Edmunds and Cyril Blackman show off their certificates in Korean script.

All members of 41 (Independent) Commando RM, assigned to the US Marine Corps (USMC) during the Korean War 1950 and fought at the battle of The Chosin Reservoir covering the retreat of the USMC for which the Unit received the USA Presidential Unit Citation.

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