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Poole Harbour “YOMP” Training days #3 & #4

It is while now since my last report on preparations for our Poole Harbour YOMP! And I say “Our” because I have been amazed at how some of you are embracing the event and adapting it to create your own support and fund raising to compliment my Just Giving donation page. In addition to this more people have come forward to express a wish to walk with me. This is so good and it’s spurring me on to perhaps widen the invitation to other associations; Tankies, Sigs etc. We could end up with a “Mass Yomp” on the day – but let’s not get too carried away yet. At the time of posting we have £571 of our £2000 target.

Brian Maidman and me completed the 10 mile Wareham to Studland ferry point leg of the Yomp before Easter – map included above. Hurray, the flood waters had abated and the Sherford bridge crossing was accessible and so we had a lovely walk through the woods and fields of the Slepe/Wytch/Rempstone and Newton heaths. There was lots of creative maths applied to our walking speed and assessments made of how that will affect the start time of the YOMP and likely finishing time. We kind of agreed we were covering 2.5 miles an hour. A start time of 7am should see us supping a pint in the Foundry Arms by 7pm on the day.

Today - Tuesday 9th April Brian and me walked from the start in Falklands Square to the Quay in Wareham, just a smidge short of 10 miles. The walk was 3 hours and 40 mins and included 15/20 mins of stoppages. This supports our 2.5 miles per hour hypothesis. We noted some good check points for the day at the Peters Finger, Sandford Arms pubs and then at the Quay in Wareham. Perhaps some of you RMA members who fancy cheering us on, waving flags and shaking collection boxes/buckets could plan to set up camp at one of these locations?

On a final note I wanted to highlight and thank two of our members who are out training for the Yomp and providing me with updates on sections of the route. Pete Wenham and Jimmy Carberry are raising sponsor monies on their own initiative and are getting out walking sections of the route. This is so good and can only increase the overall funds we raise for our beneficiaries.


Well done if you have read this far, its a long blog. But my final message is thank you everyone for your continued support on this project and if you have not yet pledged any money please do so if you can and pass on news about the Yomp to your networks and urge them to sponsor us too.


Paul Jobling


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