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Poole "Yomp" Training Day

Recently our Chairman David took some time out to show me how to write blogs so here goes!

I had my first proper training day for the Poole Harbour YOMP on Tuesday 12 March. I chose to recce the route from Wareham to the sandbanks ferry. Originally I had planned to complete this leg via Corfe Castle however, this necessitates an awful lot of walking on long roads with busy traffic. So, after chatting with Brian Maidman, I decided to head cross country in a more direct line. I started from Ridge (Just beyond Wareham on the road to Arne) and headed for Sherford bridge planning to walk onwards towards the Sandbanks ferry point. This route crosses the Purbeck Heaths National Nature Reserves of Slepe, Middlebere and Rempstone.

It all started well until I found Sherford bridge completely flooded and impassable. So I decided to see if I could find an alternative route across Corfe river via Scotland (The farm not the country!) This I achieved via a route passing through an intriguing Wood Craft centre. With 5 miles under my belt I decided to head back to Ridge via a circuitous (Don't you love getting this word into a story?) route to the South of  Middlebere and Hartland heaths. Once I arrived back to my car I had notched up 10 miles! Not bad for my first traing walk. My next training walk will be on Tues 19th March. Possibly the same route if the weather is drier and the flood waters have receded.

On the admin/organising front I have now set up a just giving page and a poster. I will be providing some sponsor sheets to pass around at the next RMA members meeting when hopefully some of you will be able to "Spare a penny to put in the old bootnecks hat." We have £110 pledged so far.

Future bogs to follow including information on walking with the BOWRA Foundation. For now, I trust all are as well as can be and if not, remember you can always get in touch.

Paul Jobling - RMA-PDB

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