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Rob Stevenson - The Bagdad Cookbook

By means of an introduction:

My name is Rob Stevenson and I am a former Royal Marine (87-00) and respectfully asking for your kind support.

Alan Boyd (former 45 Commando Royal Marine SNCO & Falklands war veteran), sadly passed away from Leukaemia back in 2013. Before passing he had been working on a very unique book idea. It was a collection of short stories gathered and told by former military men and security professionals all working in Iraq 2003-2010. This was joined with a series of unique recipes with each story, made by those same men where food and the luxury of a kitchen were in short supply. The stories, the men and the recipes are all genuine and come from all corners of the globe and Regiments: Royal Artillery, Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment, Guardsmen, Highland Fusiliers, Gurkhas and so on.

Having been given the blessing of the Boyd family in 2019, I carried on where Alan left off and after a monumental effort, completed his work, which went on sale on the 30th of March.


All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the very hospital where Alan was treated in his final year with us: NHS Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Ward 34

to help and support them in treating others with Leukaemia.


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