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Royal Marines Band Service Christmas Spectacular

A number of Branch Members and quite a number of former RM's who are not members attended the RM Band Christmas Spectacular at the Bournemouth Pavilion this evening Thursday 24 November. I think that this event could easily be used as a new member recruiting and a fundraising event with a little liaison with the event operators.

Those that attended were myself and the LHC, Paul Joblin, Pete Holder, Geof Haywood, Nick Smart and his entire clan.

Geof presented the band with our RM Bass Drum which was refurbished by the Band Service and presented by Maj Robinson RM to the Branch some many years ago and is now destined for the RM Band Museum.

Sadly, I was unable to get all the members together for a group photo as we were dispersed throughout the theater, so you will have to put up with one of me again and the Director of Music Captain Sam Hairsine and 2 members of the band of HMS Collingwood.


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