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Christmas Draw 2022

Standing room only... last night as we ended the year with the last branch social of 2022, with our Christmas Draw.

The chairman opened the evening by wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a safe New Year and also recorded our thanks to the Centenary Club for the warmth and friendship they have shown us all over the past 9 months of our transition to the club. In turn, the club thanked the branch in a letter that was read out, for its support in funding a defibrillator and cabinet that is now located at the club entrance.

As is the tradition within the branch, members brought in plenty of homemade Christmas scran for all to feast on and we all enjoyed the main event of the evening the Christmas draw. With the usual 'lucky' suspects going home with hands laden with goodies. The festive spirit was lifted by the ever-growing display of festive primarni or corps themed Christmas jumpers.

We look forward to 2023 with optimism that we may again turn on the heating but we keep in the back of our minds that this a temporary discomfort and is insignificant in comparison to what others both near and far may be experiencing this winter, be it within our own Corps Family or those displaces by war or engaged in fighting for their freedom.


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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2022

Well done Dave good blog and photo's

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