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Four Star General new head of the Royal Marines - General Gwyn Jenkins CB OBE ADC

A new head of the Royal Marines has been appointed during a ceremony in Devon.

Lieutenant General Rob Magowan passed the role to Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, General Gwyn Jenkins, at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone.

It brings to an end Lt Gen Magowan’s second stint at the helm after 18 months, handing the keys of Corps over to Gen Jenkins, as the most senior officer in the Royal Marines.

Gen Jenkins takes charge as the Royal Marines continue to embrace new technologies and tactics and forge ahead with plans to be a constant presence in strategically important areas of the globe, something that is already coming to fruition through the deployment of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Response Group (North) in the Mediterranean this autumn.

“I am immensely proud of my heritage as a Commando and it is a great privilege to be appointed as the Commandant General Royal Marines,” said Gen Jenkins.

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A real Gent who when he lived near Emmetts either he or his Wife used to run past and take a bottle of water to keep the plants going!



Onwards and upwards, a decent write up in the link. Thanks for posting this Dave.

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