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Hand Over of Japanese Flag

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

On Tuesday 17 October, 5 Members of the branch made their way to the Union Jack Club (UJC) London. To hand over the Japanese Surender Flag which has been a significant item in our branch memorabilia and history since it was presented to the branch.


The flag was acquired in September 1945 when the Japanese Garrison at Penang in North West Malaya surrendered to a party of Royal Marines led by Lt Anthony Parker RM. As President of RMPDB Anthony made a presentation on the flag to his Branch.

16 Apr 2009

Presentation of the Japanese Flag by the Branch President, Maj Anthony Parker RM Rtd to the Branch Chairman, Geof Haywood.

Tony watches over the flag:

It was decided by the committee and agreed by the members that the flag should be found a new home where it would be on permanent display. Our Vice Chairman Tony Ward set about the task. After being politely rejected by the Imperial War Museum the Royal Marines and Royal Navy Museum it was decided by the committee to reach out to the UJC.


Hugh Player the​​​​ Chief Executive of the UJC was approached by the Vice Chairman as a likely place where the flag could be viewed on permanent display. As if by fate Hugh is a former RM Officer who served in 41 Cdo RM in Malta.

The Branch Chairman hands over the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that signifies the agreement between the branch and the UJC.

Branch Members gather for the obvious phot before attending the signing of the MOU.

Vice Chairman signs to witness the MOU in Hugh Player's office. The eagle-eyed will see the room is adorned with RM mementos of Hugh's service, Once a Royal Marine Always a Royal Marine.

The flag will be on display in the reception of the UJC and we have assurance that the club will be loyal custodians of our flag. So next time you are there don't forget to get a photo with our flag.


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