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RMA Support Volunteers

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Enabling Resilience

This weekend I attended the Royal Marines Association - Support Volunteer (RMASV) course held at the General, Sir Gordon Messanger Centre at CTCRM. The course was delivered by Danny Egan, the RMA-TRMC Director of Health & Wellbeing and his team.

Danny, a former (D) rate moved away from the branch and into welfare over 25+ years back and became the first WO1 (RM) Specialisation Advisor for the Welfare Branch. A qualified social worker he has a unique history, having supported the serving Corps and our family members throughout the enduring operations conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Course was just over 3 days, starting mid-morning on Friday and finishing Sunday lunchtime. It was very rewarding and apart from the highly experienced directing staff, the course attendees were also hugely experienced, with 1/4 being long-standing SSAFA members with strong links with the RM family, who are willing to do even more voluntary work exclusively for the RMA-TRMC. We also had Psychotherapists, clinical professionals, Social Care Workers, former NHS Staff, Cadet Instructors and of course former RM wanting to give back, many with over 35 years of service under their belt and some already seasoned RMASV's conducting their 3-year refresher training.

The aim of the course was to equip us with the information and knowledge required to act as the outreach teams and the eyes and ears of the Health & Wellbeing team whilst also supporting and signposting the most vulnerable of our RM family.

Subjects Covered:

  • The RM Structure

  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

  • Employment and Education

  • RMA Membership

  • Communication Skills/Recording Information

  • Veterans Mental Health

  • Alcohol in the RM environment

  • Confidentiality

  • Grants and Benevolence

  • Loan Working

  • Transition Support Officer

  • External Partners

  • RMASV Case Experience

  • Safeguarding

  • Stress Management

There were 3-course members from the BCP area, which makes us one of the largest concentrations of RMAVS in the UK with Paul and Tony having already qualified from our branch.

The RMASV is not geographically fixed and they are able to support where and whenever there is a need, so if you are interested get in touch with the Health & Wellbeing Team, and get yourself loaded on one of the two courses run each year.

Do the course and get the t-shirt...

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