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Wild Gardening, Emmetts Hill Dorset

By Geoff Hayward.

The crew went out to Emmett's Saturday with the weather being damp with some mist but not raining!

The intrepid party was: Pete Wenham, Jimmie and Julie Carvery plus Jill and me. 

I took my wheelbarrow and Jimmie brought his to carry the 4 large pots, a tray of Poly plants, a strimmer, and the array of small tools across the muddy clay field, which was ok to cross but the clifftop paths were in places liquid mud, plus very slippery slopes so the thoughts of a wheelbarrow race was put on hold.

Three slipped over and the other two did some sideways skids as it was like skating on ice!! but luckily no injuries stated!! We planted up, tidied up and choosing a route on the down slope we made it safely back. 

The Money Box had £61.69 which I rounded up to £62 so with with the cost of ploy trays £12 I will be passing £50 to Nick.

The money from the box is for garden requirements such as the plants.

Next month will be a small tidy up so maybe two could do it or 4 for the company is better.


Thank you Geoff, Jill, Pete, Jimmie and Julie for leading the way.


‘Members’ we can’t, nor should we expect the same people to do this task every month so come on let's get motivated and let's all take a turn, please!! but remember don’t dig out anything other than real weeds - unsure - leave it as various plants have died back while the spring ones are coming up.

If you are interested in going on the 23rd of March the first six volunteers can join me for a beer in the pub when the task is done my treat.

If interested let me know that you will join me by clicking the button below and tell me what beer you drink. Your Chairman

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