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All Pulling Together at RMA Poole!

By Paul Jobling RMASV

Thank you to all the RMA Poole Branch (RMAPB) members and friends who dug deep to raise money on behalf of Becky and Steve Taylor at the meeting on 16 November.

Becky and Steve have adapted their way of life to accommodate their challenges and they continue to live their best life together with the support of family and friends. Becky and Steve still value their membership of the RMA and wanted to make a contribution to show their support.

Becky has taken up crafting as a hobby and has a work-shop called “Woman-cave” in their back garden. Her skills are plain to see with the impressive Christmas wreath which Becky donated to the RMA hoping to help raise funds.

Well it certainly did that! After returning a token amount to Becky for materials and her handy-work we were able to bank £44.00 towards the RMAPB.

Photo (l to R) Geof Haywood, Sandra & Danny Daniels, Helen & Mike McHugh

Danny and Sandra Daniels were the lucky winners of the raffle and I promised to put their names in lights and make them famous on the RMA website! This is a great example of how we as an RMA can come up with ways to raise funds for good causes. Thank you all again for helping to make something special happen at our members meeting.

Paul Jobling


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