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"Change Step" Branch Meeting 18 August 2022

How quickly time passes. Was it only 6 months back that we made the decision to adopt the Centenary Club as our new Branch RV? The buzz in the branch on Thursday night was massively uplifting with people moving about and once again enjoining the social aspect of being in the branch. New faces are appearing at each and every meeting, some returning but a significant number of new RMA members joining for the first time.

At the next monthly meeting, let's send out a CC1 to all those local RM that we know are not members and invite them out for a wet. I'm sure once they see that the branch is up and functioning, they can be persuaded to join and swell the ranks.

We have 165 email addresses for our members and as of Friday 19th, 49 of us are now registered on the website and engage in banter across the digital airways. If you know one of the 116 that have yet to join, please offer a helping hand to get them online.

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