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Emmett's Hill - A place to be proud of!

A big Thank You to those that came to help finish off tidying up the Emmetts Hill Memorial Garden.

Being biased after a total of 7 hours on site, 3 walks back and forth plus driving from home we, Jill and I, think all the hard work has made Emmett's once again looks like a place the Branch can be proud of!

Helpers to carry the loads across and work in the garden were; Rod, Nick, Eric, Pete, Jimmy and Julia, Jock, John and Steve plus our Daughter Valerie on Friday and on the 23rd with Pete as well.


Now we need to have a Roster to go up each fortnight in the summer and each month in the winter. Ideally two people for safety and one who knows the difference between a plant and a weed! Choose any day that is best for you and let me know.

All the needed tools are behind the wall except a "strimmer" to cut the grass. The main job is keeping the flower beds weed free and ideally take over some water if it's been dry!

I'm happy to set that up so please send names to as to when you are free.

Jill and I will do the first one on Wed 9th Aug - the best day for us!

So the next ones (Wed/Thur) are but not fixed -

23rd/24th Aug,

6/7th & 20th/21st Sept,

4/5th & 17/18th Oct,

1st/2nd Nov, 1st/2nd

Dec, Early Jan.

Geoff Haywood.

A big BZ to all those that took part and especially Geoff and Jill who have inspired members to take action and remain willing to support and organise the new gardening crew.

My sincere thanks to you both. David S


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Jul 30, 2023

Since the Memorial was built the job of looking after it has been done in recent years by John Avey, Gus Trevett and Rod Playford - BIG thanks to them and the others that have helped over the years. PLEASE volunteer - it only needs an hour or so if we keep on top of it


Good one Geof & Jill. BZ


Jul 30, 2023

Well done each of those that attended, but especially to Geof and Jill, as it was they that set about galvanising the working party, having first set about bringing the garden under some control.

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