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Just In - Poole Speedway - Where do you wear yours?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

On Friday the 29th of July 8 members of the branch gratefully received complimentary tickets for Poole Speedway, courtesy of Bell's Decor, who’s a regular sponsor of the branch, for which we are truly grateful.

So, taking the opportunity we donned our coveted green beret for the RMA "where do you wear yours" campaign and grabbed some Globe & Laurel magazines for good measure for the "where do you read yours" campaign we posed for a number of 'me phots', taken by some unknown paparazzi chancer who snap the lads with Poole Pirates Danny King.

The branch would like to thank Ian Bell (Bells Decor) and the staff of Poole Pirates for their hospitality on the night which was Hoofing and included scran and a pit tour plus the excitement of the race card where Poole Pirates won impressively against Birmingham Brummies’ 59 - 31.

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