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CC1 - The Foundry Arms

Below is a repost from The Foundry Arms Poole Facebook page

Moz & Tracey - The Foundry Arms

OK Boys & Girls

After much thought, debate, heartache & worry Tracey, and I have decided to leave the pub. This has not been an easy decision, but we need to do it for our own sanity & health Family problems, staffing problems and both of us having health scares have driven us to make this decision and we think it’s a good one

We want to say in the 20 years of running pubs, no Landlord or Landlady could wish for a better one, it's been a blast.

The people in The Foundry have become our dear friends, you have been so helpful & loyal that I can’t put it into words, it’s humbling to say the least, you are the most amazing people.

Obviously, we couldn’t have done all of this without our amazing staff (when they’re not ill), our hat goes off to every one of you, thank you so much, with a massive special shout out to Dave Alderson & Janice keeping our business going when we’re away, cheers guys, but every one of you are special to us.

Thanks to all our amazing entertainers that have shown us so much loyalty and above and beyond on The Sunday Shenanigans

Our last day will be 20th January so stand by for a big party.

We will go over to Spain for a bit while we decide on our new adventure and see what life gives us

We love you all and will miss you terribly

Long live Shenanigans & Malarkey

Moz & Tracey


From all Bootnecks past and present and in particular the RMA-TRMC, Moz and Tracey we thank you for your drive and determination over the past 20 years in bringing a focal point for all Royal Marines and the wider military family across the South Coast. We are indebted to you for the inspirational support and fundraising efforts you have achieved over time and all done with Fun, Style and Excellence.

Let's go out with a bang on the 20 Jan 23.

BZ Brother and Sister

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