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The Royal Marine Artillery (RMA) and Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMLI) were amalgamated on 22 June

At the RM Barracks Forton and Eastney, the amalgamation of the Royal Marines Light Infantry and Royal Marines Artillery took place on the 22 June 1923.

The Royal Marine Artillery (RMA) and Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMLI) were amalgamated on 22 June 1923. Post-war demobilisation had seen the Royal Marines reduced from 55,000 (1918) to 15,000 in 1922 and there was Treasury pressure for a further reduction to 6,000 or even the entire disbandment of the Corps. As a compromise, an establishment of 9,500 was settled upon but this meant that two separate branches could no longer be maintained.

The abandonment of the Marine's artillery role meant that the Corps would subsequently have to rely on Royal Artillery support when ashore and that the title of Royal Marines would apply to the entire Corps and that only a few specialists would now receive gunnery training. As a form of consolation, the dark blue and red uniform of the Royal Marine Artillery now became the full dress of the entire Corps.

Royal Marine officers and SNCO's however continue to wear the historic scarlet in mess dress to the present day. The ranks of Private, used by the RMLI, and Gunner, used by the RMA, were abolished and replaced by the rank of Marine.

As a Branch let's look forwards to the 22nd June 2023 to mark 100 years since the amalgamation of the RMA and the RMLI and becoming all of one company.


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I suggest a Band Concert at the Lighthouse by our own Royal Marine Association Concert Band, the band is up to the Band services high standards. you might remember as the Bands Manager for 12 years I promoted 10 Concerts at Poole. It would be a good profile for RMA Poole.

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18 de fev. de 2023
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Good shout, do you still have contacts that could make this happen? It would be a massive opportunity to again raise money for the RMA-TRMC it could also be use to highlight the Lifting the Lid campaign. There are many limiting factors but if you don't ask etc


fascinating, let's plan an event for 22 June.

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