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Neil Martin Blain RM

In memory of Neil Blain, members of the branch visited his memorial at West Bexington the traditional halfway stopover on the Lympstone to Poole race, a challenge that Neil could not resist.

We fondly remembered Neil's zest for life and adventure and all that he had achieved in his service within the Royal Marines.

Neil was the epitome of a bootneck, an excellent athlete, endurance runner, and first-class skier, there was nothing that Neil could not accomplish. Being a Royal Marine was always Neil's ambition and he started early like so many do in the Royal Marines Cadets before stepping off the train at Lympstone Commando.

I was privileged to have known Neil and we spent many an hour on Lymp/Poole training runs and during our time in the Commando Logistics Regiment, skiing the floodlit track that traced the perimeter fence of the airbase at Gardermoen in Norway.

Yesterday was the 30th year since Neil's passing and looking back brought fond memories of the good times we shared as we celebrated his life.

Never Forgotten RiP Neil


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1 Comment

Jun 22

David thank you for your lead on this. The port was excellent and opened up the 'Dits' library for expansive memories of Neil. Neil RIP. 🐸

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